Photographs - August 15 to August 23

Crumb - Berkeley, CA

35mm ƒ/8.0 1/10s

Crumb sits in the study, basking in the light through the window.

This is one of the first shots I made with my new lens, a 35mm. Later in the afternoon I would go on a walk-about with my friend Ari, introducing what I know of photography to him. The 35mm was 1/4 for educational purposes, 3/4 for my enjoyment.

Commute - Oakland, CA

35mm ƒ/1.8 1/2000s

Under the freeway along Broadway a young man begs for money. To my eye there's no convenient place for drivers to stop and hand over money but I don't work the street, merely observe it.

The young man's sign reads 'Homeless' along the top, cut out in large letters. I wonder at the time added to the manufacture of the sign. Boredom?

Monday Morning, Stevenson Street - San Francisco, CA

50mm ƒ/16 1/6s

The back of 6 Mint Plaza. Every morning the sidewalk behind this building is swept of sleeping materials and construction dust.

San Francisco is a peculiar city. The other side of this building abuts the Old Mint across a tiled park. Luxury condos sell in this very building for a cool million. Meanwhile, men and women sleep on this street and streetlights fall having been eaten through with human piss.

Shift Change - San Francisco, CA

50mm ƒ/16 1/20s

Stevenson street is well-sheltered at night, high buildings with no windows on either side for half the block. A new mall is going up along Market, shifting the street from homeless to construction at the break of day.

Suitcases, Misc. - San Francisco, CA

50mm ƒ/16 1/5s

I don't know this man's name. I see him around SoMa, often sitting on the street, often with bags scattered around but never the same bags. We've spoken occasionally and I believe he has been drunk each time.